Build Your Relationship With God Everyday

Keeping reminders around you helps. Some people pick a particular time of the day where they read and do it at the same time everyday to build a routine. However, some people live really busy lifestyles that their schedules vary a lot. If this is the case with you, it is important to keep reminders around you or set them up so that you do not miss out. It may sound like a big deal, committing to the activity but you really get more out of it than you put in. If you have the time, add journaling to your routine. It will help you think more and digest the word better. At the same time, doing this allows you to go through your thoughts and really dig down to see how you relate to the reading so you end up getting the most out of the daily devotional.

6 Tips How to Do a Better Daily Devotional

If you think about it, doing a daily devotional sounds like a big commitment, and some people get scared of this. Approach it from a fresh perspective by treating your reading as relationship time, not something that you do to get information and learn. The bible is not like a school text but a way for you to connect with God and form a relationship with him by knowing him and understanding his word. If you look at your readings as relationship time, like talking to a friend over coffee or maybe catching up with someone dear to you, the time and effort it takes to stick with the activity everyday comes easier. As the name suggests, it is called a daily devotional because you do it everyday. It is important to do it day after day to get into the habit and make it a part of your routine. If you miss a day, it is very easy to miss another then another until you get weighed down with all the catching up that you need to do. Again, this is solved by approaching the task from the perspective of someone seeking a relationship with another. Commit to it and go through the day’s reading and revel in the fact that you are hearing from God through his word. For more guidance, you can checkout

Tips to Get the Most out of Your Reading Fast and Easy

In life, you pass through many books, and read one after the other. How about making it a point to read the entire bible too? The more you know about your faith, the stronger it gets and this is one sure way of promoting that. It builds confidence and credibility. You can take your time with it. For instance, if you read 3 to 4 chapters a day, in a year, you will be done reading it all. There are some Christians who have read the bible more than 10 times so surely, reading it one time wouldn’t be a big requirement. Understanding it is easy too with the help of a bible guide so the teachings can be translated from words to acts. This is one of the best reasons why it is a good thing to have a bible guide handy. To put the readings into context, it is helpful if you ask questions about it such as who is speaking, what is the occasion for the message, or how it relates to people in this time. Each passage in the book applies to a context where the truth of the word is revealed, clarified, and applied. Be careful in reading through the texts in isolation as context is crucial in getting the message being taught in the book.